Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Artificial Turf Installer

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Artificial Turf Installer

While there are many homeowners out there who would rather install artificial grass themselves, there are those who see the benefits of seeking the help of a licensed installer. Installing artificial grass yourself is certainly a project you can undertake given the right circumstances.

So let’s examine the circumstances where it may be beneficial to have someone install artificial grass for you. It will cost more upfront but the long-term value you get from a professional installation is worth consideration.

Big Yards

If you have a large yard on which you plan to install artificial grass you should consider having it professionally installed. Large yards require a lot of grass and in many cases this means the installation will include multiple instances of seaming.

Seaming is the most technical part of any artificial grass installation. It is the process of joining together two or more cuts of artificial grass. Seams that are done well are invisible. Seams that are not done well are glaringly obvious. If you start seaming and are not supremely careful you may be disappointed with the finished look of your project.

Difficult Soil

Proper artificial grass installations require removing 3 inches deep of soil. And if there are a lot of roots, inexperience may lead to severe consequences for surrounding plant life. You may also encounter old stumps, large boulders, old irrigation lines or numerous other impediments.

All these things have to be removed and either be repurposed or disposed of. If you don’t have other areas of your property to put the excavated soil you’ll likely have to dispose of it. A professional installer will take care of all of these things for you. So if you’re not inclined to do some rather challenging manual labor and/or you don’t know what to do with your excavated soil, hiring an installer for your project is probably your best option.

Faster Installation

It’s no secret we’ve all become accustomed to getting things quickly. Thanks to technology we can access the answers to virtually any question in seconds. We can find something on Amazon and have it appear on our doorstep the next day. If you want an artificial grass lawn quickly, then hiring an installer is the way to go. Even on a small project, going the DIY route will likely mean you’ll be spending at least several weekends prepping the site and doing the install. Most of us have regular jobs, which means the installation process is going to be spread out over what precious little free time we have.

A licensed contractor of artificial turf has the right manpower to handle any lawn size. This makes it easier and quicker for them to install the grass. They would know what the first step is, where the grass should be first laid out, how to make it look natural and seamless, and more. Being all too familiar with the process cuts installation time in half.

Avoid Buying Expensive Tools

Turf installation requires special tools. If you buy them for one-time use, it can get expensive. But turf installers are well-equipped. That’s why they can perfectly install your turf in the outdoor space. They have everything needed to properly install the turf.

Although you can buy or rent all the equipment needed, it’s still a lot cheaper when you hire a pro to do the job. Professionals know the artificial turf they work with and they can answer all your questions about what would work best for the turf.

What’s Right for You?  

Figuring out whether to install artificial grass yourself or hire someone to do it for you is an important step to take. Professionally installed synthetic turf will give you a fantastic lawn that looks great all year long and lasts for years, without the need to spend money on chemicals or constant lawn care services. Be sure to ask these questions before hiring an artificial grass installer.

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