Artificial Grass for Daycare Facilities

More and more businesses are catching on to the many benefits of artificial grass. From saving money to a dramatic decrease in trying to maintain the property, the advantages are plenty. Recently, artificial turf has become increasingly popular among daycare facilities across the United States. Manufacturers of synthetic grass are constantly looking for methods to improve materials in order to deliver the greatest products and services to the daycare community.

Below are several key factors of why daycare facilities are making the switch. Continue reading to see how installing artificial turf can save you time and money!

It Meets The Standards

As you already know, every daycare center must follow local laws and ordinances enacted by the city, county, state, and federal governments. These rules that have been established, ensure the safety and protection of not only the children but also the teachers, visitors, and other attendants. All of our turf at Artificial Turf Factory Outlet meet or exceed the requirements needed to pass inspection after installation.


Synthetic turf is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, playsets, gym lessons, and other daycare activities. Artificial grass in heavily utilized commercial applications will require extra grooming and upkeep. Maintaining your turf is pretty easy. It can be accomplished relatively efficiently with vinegar and water, “green” cleaners, degreasers, and other approved cleaning fluids routinely used in today’s facilities.


For starters, artificial turf is pretty slip-resistant and has nice padding to protect a fall. Its softness and resiliency dramatically reduce surface abrasiveness. This protects kids from knee scuffs and scrapes. Other important factors that contribute to the safety of synthetic grass in daycares include the reduction of insects, the elimination of harmful chemicals and allergies, and the reduction of pollution from maintenance. Typically, after it rains kids have to stay off the grass due to muddy surfaces. With artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about that since mud is far from the surface. This makes for better use of the outdoor play areas.

No Water Worries

Rainy days prevent kids from playing in the muddy grass. With artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about that. Water dries quickly on synthetic grass surfaces; your project plan and turf selection should take this into account and be tailored to help gravity do its job of preventing puddles. Daycare facilities profit greatly from the installation of aggressive drainage solutions for additional water activity areas or spots that must convey excessive rain or snow water away from surfaces. This makes for better use of the outdoor play areas.

Have additional questions about how artificial grass can benefit your daycare facility? Call the Artificial Turf factory Outlet at (888) 707-0794. We’re happy to assist you with all your synthetic grass needs.

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