creative ways to use artificial grass

6 Creative Ideas Using Artificial Grass

These days, artificial grass has become the ideal solution for more and more homes around the world. You want your home’s landscaping to look pretty and lush, but you want your yard to be useable, too. Creatively incorporating artificial grass increases livability because it gives you more – and more creative – options. Artificial grass gives you more ways to improve your yard and more ways to enjoy it. It gives personality to home projects with unexpected color and texture, and it can improve the livability of your home, indoors and out.

1. Artificial Grass with Pavers

Artificial grass can be cut and arranged into an endless variety of shapes and patterns. Try weaving it between natural stone steps or pavers. You could also use it to break up concrete slabs on your driveway. Want to create a whimsical look in your garden or patio? Try laying a checkerboard design of alternating stone and grass. Check out more on using artificial grass and pavers together.

Creative Ideas using Artificial Grass with Pavers

2. Artificial Grass for Rooftops and Balconies

Adding a rooftop lawn and garden space can exponentially expand your outdoor living options. It looks cool, and it can keep your home cooler as well because it adds insulation without the weight of natural grass. When it comes to adding value to your home in almost an instant, a rooftop works wonders as an investment as it expands your living space and breathes novelty into what may otherwise be a small outdoor area or indoor space.

Artificial turf makes for a fantastic balcony surface. It can be easily cut to fit the dimensions of any space, it’s soft under foot, it’s low maintenance and simple to clean, and with a few carefully placed pot plants or flower boxes, you can bring a refreshing burst of nature back into the concrete jungle. How to Install Artificial Grass on Rooftops.

Creative Ideas using Artificial Grass for Rooftops

3. Artificial Grass for Boundary Walls

Cement walls often harshly reflect the sun’s light, creating a ‘white light’ reflection over your plants or the rest of your garden and backyard space. A green wall will break this, and create a more soothing, natural look. You’ll also automatically introduce a few gradients of shade as the harsh reflected light is broken and find that many more plants thrive more easily in your enclosed space as a result.

4. Artificial Grass for Pool Areas

Everyone wants their pool area to make a splash. Your pool’s either the visual focal point of your backyard, or ground-zero for fun and games. Artificial turf is the easy way to cater for the best of both worlds: a lush strip of synthetic grass can make your pool area look stylish, while also making it much safer than a regular lawn. Normal grass will lose traction and turn to slippery mud over time, and while concrete and sandstone is popular, it doesn’t create the same atmosphere of pool-side paradise that a huge swathe of green grass can. Even just a thin strip around the perimeter can look fantastic and offer much better grip under foot. Learn more about putting artificial grass around pools.

Creative Ideas using Artificial Grass around pools

5. Artificial Grass for Indoor Fitness Areas

Do you love doing yoga outdoors, or perhaps shooting goals on the soccer field? Most people prefer to get their daily dose of exercise out in their yard or the park, but that’s not always an option. If the weather is particularly bad, you can forget about practicing your kicking shots. However, if you love working out and hate going to the gym, you can use artificial turf to create an indoor fitness area. Artificial grass is a great way to add a natural feel to your indoor fitness area. Get more information on Artificial Grass for Indoor Fitness Areas.

6. Artificial Grass for Playrooms

Using artificial grass for children’s bedrooms or playrooms is a no-brainer. Maybe you could even transform their space into a jungle or football stadium for even more fun! If your children love to play sports, bring the grass indoors and into their bedrooms. You can cover the floor completely with synthetic turf or place down a grass rug to accent the space. Hang their favorite sports posters on the walls, and decorate with various memorabilia to make their bedrooms look and feel like a stadium. Just make sure to select a synthetic turf that doesn’t contain a sand filling. Checkout some creative ways to use Artificial Grass for Playrooms.

In Conclusion

When used creatively, artificial grass can serve a number of purposes. Indoors or out, practical or just-for-fun, artificial grass is a dream come true for every imaginative home owner. We’re pretty sure that as soon as you finish one project, you’ll want to get started on the next one. As you can see, artificial turf extends far beyond your lawn. With home décor trends leaning towards minimized furniture and lots of natural light, succulents, and faux plants, artificial turf would add a vivid and refreshing beauty to your home that will catch the eye of all your guests.

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